Warming up to Art

Especially created for families, the Cultural Centre hosts ARTwarming Winter this December – an affair that brings together the performing arts with a vast audience from kids to grown-ups.

ARTwarming starts with the Annual Concert by the Macao Cultural Centre’s Children’s Choir on 20th December, commemorating the end of one more great cycle, with a selection of lively songs themed ‘Dreams’ by the young singers. The show will feature songs ranging from Christmas classics to popular songs performed in different styles – with many surprises in store for the audience! Expect some dreamy choreographic and drama moves.

From 22nd to 24th December, Belgian theatre Laika brings Narrow – a mute physical theatre play revolving around a funny couple’s journey to domestic harmony that turns a little more bitter than expected – to the Cultural Centre. The couple share a miniscule house which they have to contort their long bodies to fit into but with unavoidable embraces, shared flowers and chocolates they seem to be made for each other; unfortunately, however, life is not all fun and games.

Narrow is classic physical theatre – which in this case gets very much up close and personal – developed by a group of artists from different backgrounds who have mastered diverse disciplines. Children and teenagers are taken into a world of surprises where nothing can be taken for granted . . .

Besides bringing us Narrow, Laika – creating plays since 1991 – gives us two mime storytelling workshops in parallel with the show, enabling families and kids to learn how to develop body language via interactive games.

Finally, award-winning Spanish group Ponten Pie brings us Loo – a children’s mute theatre play especially created for boys and girls aged two to five years old based upon a story originating from the plains of India and Pakistan.

Loo is a hot and powerful wind that blows across the regions of North India and Pakistan in the Summer, pushing the dunes and drying up wetlands and seas in its path, creating deserts. The arrival of the Loo always translates to the migration of people forced to move elsewhere to protect themselves from the extreme heat and dust that dominates until the arrival of the monsoon.

The audience is taken on an adventurous journey, carried by a mysterious force coming from exotic lands. On the centre stage of the play is a ship stuck under the sand, where the sea used to flow! By using no words and lots of games involving the audience to tell the story, Loo surprises us with its innovative storytelling and is a true sensorial experience – having been awarded Best Children’s Show at the FETEN awards 2017.

Ponten Pie was founded by Spanish actor and theatre director Sergi Ots with the goal of researching and developing new languages for the performing arts by seeking unusual ways to enable greater audience participation in the theatre by directly involving it in the story they are viewing. Ponten Pie’s creations always deliver powerful visual aesthetics to get the highest authenticity from the performers by combining different artistic forms.

Ponten Pie and their ship stuck in the sand will be gracing Macau from 28th to 30th December. . Besides being a magical experience for families, Loo is above all an opportunity to reflect upon the lovely but fragile planet we live in, teaching newer generations lessons on sustainability and the power of Nature in a clever way.