Water bills to rise in November

Water charges will rise starting from November 1 according to an Official Gazette dispatch. For household water usage, the price for the first 28 cubic metres used will increase from MOP4.39 (U$0.54) to MOP4.48 per cubic metre, a two per cent rise. Above 32 cubic metres, tariffs will increase by four per cent from MOP4.98 to MOP5.18 per cubic metre; and in cases of special water usage, a 16 per cent increase will be applied, with a rise from MOP6.68 per cubic metre to MOP7.75. For non-household usage, the price will increase to MOP6.04 reflecting a rise of eight per cent. The last change in water charges was in November 2014. Last week the Marine and Water Bureau indicated that the city’s water fees would be adjusted as a way of keeping the local water-tariff mechanism running effectively, as well as strengthening local water conservation, as reported by Business Daily. The bureau also stated that the latest raw-water tariff that it needs to pay to Guangdong Province for the 2017 – 2019 period, would be determined by the end of this year. N.M.