We have enough mechanical ventilators for any Covid-19 emergency – Doctor

Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre member, Lo Iek Long, said today that the Health Bureau currently has enough mechanical respiration and inhalation equipment if needed by any Covid-19 patient.

The also Conde de S. Januário Hospital (CHCSJ) Doctor, stated that the hospital currently has 72 mechanical ventilators to be used for patients with respiratory issues and in emergency care units.

In case respiratory issues are severe, the hospital also has three ‘artificial lungs’.

Medical ventilators are machines designed to provide mechanical ventilation by moving breathable air into and out of the lungs for patients unable to breathe physically unable to breathe, with artificial lungs designed to provide oxygenation of blood and removal of carbon dioxide from the blood.

In more serious Covid-19 related pulmonary infections, mechanical ventilators might be required.

“If it is really necessary Covid-19 patients cane also use this equipment. As of this moment, we have enough ventilators,” Lo added.

According to health bureau representatives, no mechanical ventilator is currently in use by patients of any kind.

After an initial 10 Covid-19 cases – now all discharged – and 40 days without cases, Macau reported 20 new cases in the last 10 days, all imported and considered as low-risk cases.