What happened in Vegas

“I’m on lockdown at the Luxor, there is an active shooter.” These were the horrific words that my friend received in a text message from her husband on Sunday night. We ran to a television and watched the events unfold on the Las Vegas Strip just a mere six miles away. Ironically, just a few hours before I was asked a question that gave me pause for thought. “Do you feel safe in Macau?” I was asked at a dinner party earlier in the evening. “I absolutely feel safe in Macau. Actually, where I feel unsafe is anytime I am visiting the USA and especially here in Las Vegas.”
Two hours later, the deadliest mass shooting in United States history began and I immediately regretted my earlier statement. I had been visiting Vegas for the past two weeks working on a benefit called Circus Couture.
Las Vegas has long since been a major target for acts of violence and terror but the city for the most part has been unharmed. Counter terrorism units, police, and other entities protect the city and have thwarted countless events in the past. Unfortunately, the only events that make the news are when a psychopath slips under the authorities’ radar and in a single act of premeditated violence kills 59 people and leaves over 500 victims injured.
The United States of America’s second amendment to the Constitution gives citizens the right to bear firearms. Every American has an opinion on this right. The death toll of gun violence is increasing and with each attack, we hear the words, “deadliest attack in history”. Will this event in Las Vegas change the gun laws in the U.S.? Most likely not, but there will be major changes in Las Vegas. The action to immediately lockdown theatres and casinos in Las Vegas as the shooter began his rampage told us that Las Vegas had a plan. They knew what to do to keep the rest of us safe. What they didn’t know was how to protect the 22,000 concert goers in the outdoor park across from the Mandalay Bay casino.
#LasVegasStrong was trending on social media for over 24 hours in the aftermath of the incident. The residents in Las Vegas went into full action, donating blood, supplies, food and more. Instead of reacting with fear, Las Vegans took action. I lived in Las Vegas for eight years before moving to Macau and my heart is heavy for my previous home and now the question in my mind is, what will happen next?