Workers Federation wants more social responsibility from casinos

The Federation of Macau Workers’ Associations (FAOM) has argued that the new public tender for the exploitation of gambling in the territory in 2022 should require more social responsibility from operators.

FAOM’s position was made known in a statement issued today by the authorities at a meeting between the leaders and the new Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lei Wai Nong, which took place on Monday.

FAOM argued “gambling operators’ assumption of more social responsibilities” under the new public tender to be launched in the year in which the concessions end in 2022 can be read in the same note.

On the other hand, the federation stated that efforts should be made to “create a harmonious working relationship”, to “increase gaming operators non-gambling elements” to diversify the SAR’s economy” as well as “widening the work opportunities of workers ”.

The Secretary for Economy and Finance said: “The Government remains committed to protecting the rights and interests of local workers, coordinating relations between employers and workers, and improving vocational and occupational safety and health training in order to encourage the vertical mobilization of local workers”.