Xinjiang and Liaoning classified as middle-risk areas

Local health authorities have indicated that the Chinese provinces of Xinjiang and Liaoning have been classified as medium risk areas, with measures applied to people coming from any of the two provinces.

Mainland China reported 68 new Covid-19 coronavirus cases yesterday, with 57 in the far western region of Xinjiang and six in the northeastern province of Liaoning.

Still, authorities indicated that since the implementation of the new measures there has been no record of people entering Macau from Xinjiang or Liaoning.

The classification means that people who have been in these two provinces in the last 14 days their respective Health Code is yellow, with customs to conduct an individual health assessment, inquiring on their health status health.

‘If you have been in contact with the confirmed patient, the possibility of submitting to the hospital for further medical examinations and nucleic acid tests is not excluded,’ the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre indicated.

In case that person presents a nucleic acid test greater than 72 hours, it will be transported immediately to the Conde de São Januário Hospital for further testing, and will only be released until she presents a negative result.

The Health Bureau will also monitor the health of these individuals over the telephone during their stay in Macau, assuring that they wear a mask when going out and avoid crowds.