Yunnan Quake: Macau donates 100mln patacas

Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On has allocated 100 million patacas (US$12.5 million) to support emergency relief arising from the earthquake in Ludian County in Yunnan Province.
Mr. Chui wrote again to the Chinese central government on Wednesday saying that the disaster is of much concern to Macau residents.
The Macau SAR decided to donate 100 million patacas in response to the emergency relief tasks, hoping to contribute to the rescue operations and show its regard to the affected parties, he said.
He added in his letter that the Macau Government would continue to follow up on the situation in the county and would provide both human and material resources according to the situation. The government will also support the disaster relief operation organised by local residents and organisations.
The Chinese Government has also pledged more than 1.6 billion yuan for emergency relief. The 6.5-magnitude quake killed at least 589 people and left 2,400 injured, with 9 people missing.