Zhuhai petrochemical plant fire smoke to not reach Macau – Gov’t

Smoke originating from the fire that erupted in a petrochemical plant in Zhuhai will not reach Macau, the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) and the Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) indicated.

A fire broke out at around noon on Tuesday in a petrochemical plant owned by Zhuhai Changlian Petrochemical Co,.Ltd – a subsidiary of the Esson New Energy Group – located in the Zhuhai Gaolan Port.

No casualties were reported and the fire was extinguished after intervention by almost 40 fire trucks and 200 firefighters from Guangdong Province.

‘According to real-time observations and weather forecasts, over the next two days, weather in the region will continue to be influenced by an east quadrant current. The wind will blow from the east and the incident smoke is not expected to directly affect Macau, as the Gaolan Port is about 40 kilometres southwest of the territory and located at a latitude below Macau,” the two departments indicated in a statement.

The DSMG and DSPA added they will follow up developments in the incident.