Zone C reclamation works set to finish in April

The landfill works for establishing the reclaimed New Area Zone C are expected to be completed this month (April) according to information provided by the Infrastructure Development Office (GDI).

The future 320,000 square meters reclaimed area located near the Taipa coastline between the Sai Van and Governador Nobre de Carvalho bridges is mainly intended for ​​public facilities and housing.

The development project was handed in 2018 to Chinese state company Changjiang River Waterway Bureau (長江航道局) for MOP816.1 million (US$102.2 million), with a project completion period of 645 days defined.

However, difficulties in the sand supply from Mainland China delayed the conclusion of the landfill works by about three months.

As for the nearby planned Zone D, Chief Executive Ho Iat Seng previously expressed that authorities had not yet decided if the landfill project would go forward as the government was waiting for the results from the Urban Master Plan’s public consultation held between September and November of last year.