Wrong Priorities Timetable

By: Paulo A. Azevedo

The administration still doesn’t have a timetable for submitting a bill to protect consumers rights. No matter Macau continues to be one of the world’s fast growing economies. It’s probably a question of priorities. Security became suddenly the biggest priority even if we can’t find any plausible reason for that except the fact we’re a means to an end, called Hong Kong. 

As we explain in this edition, the government conducted a public consultation four years ago but the amendments to the two decades long existing regulations seems to be in the same limbo of other projects that are important to safeguard consumers and workers rights. Again, a question of priorities when the political system continues to be dominated by oligarchy parameters. 

The interesting thing about this issue is how Hong Kong continues to consider unnecessary reforms to its political system, refusing to enact, for instance, Article 23 and other decisions that might affect their population’s way of life while pushing for reforms that defends the city’s consumers (a competition law was approved in 2015). Macau, on the other hand, seems to walk on an opposite path. Question of priorities again or simple the difference of leadership. Two cities so close and yet, in so many aspects, unfortunately, so far. 

To be respected one must have self respect 

In a rare moment of humor, the Chief Executive told reporters that he did not know when the Hong Kong-Macau-Zhuhai bridge starts operation. To explain that he only knows the events by the media. 

Humor aside, Chui Sai On may not be too far from the truth. Unfortunately, even if Macau “behaves” better than Hong Kong, politically and socially (and even internationally due to fewer political scandals), we are not seeing the central government consult the local one as often as it does with the neighboring government before enforcing a certain course of action. 

Although Macau insists on being the guinea pig of the political-legislative experimentation, in an attempt to see if the capital of the country can impose the same concepts in Hong Kong, the neighboring SAR gets more respect. 

It is that who does not give to the respect is never respected, for more angelical it tries to be.