Special Report – Trade frictions

Disputes between countries within the WTO are normal. China, due to its leading role, is currently involved in several. We highlight the main ones below. MB October 2021 Special Report | China at the WTO

OPINION – Uncertainty in Macau and Way Forward

I read with great interest on recent articles that mentioned that Macau casino gaming stocks are “un-investable”, a term that I would not have thought would apply to the Macau market. One reason is the uncertain future of this market....

Special Report – The next battle: REEs

REE stands for Rare Earth Element. Without these raw materials, our life today would be very different. And in this sector, too, the world depends on China.

OPINION – Some are more equal than others in Macau

The economic and societal fallout of the pandemic has exposed the precarious position of many of Macau’s workers, and structural problems in Macau’s economy.
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