OPINION – Junkets, a Távoras Affair

The (official) indictment against Suncity's CEO, Alvin Chau Cheok Wa (and twenty other Suncity middle and senior management) for allegedly committing various crimes, ranging from criminal association to illicit gambling, fraud, and money laundering, is now known.

OPINION – Are the “Financial Relief” measures relevant under “Relative Static”?

The recent outbreak since June 19 has had destructive impacts on the already slumpy Macau economy.

Out of Hiatus

The in-person format of the major gaming industry trade show and conference, G2E Asia, is back and marks its debut in Singapore in late August, offering a platform for stakeholders to discuss the latest industry trends and innovations in the...

OPINION – Committed to Driving International Market

It is important to anticipate the future; one shouldn’t postpone taking action if it can strengthen the economy and every person’s wellbeing. An economically strong city is politically strong which entails a realization of keeping Macau citizens moderately prosperous and...