Accessible Art

Macau is an essential destination for lovers of modern art, with amazing works from renowned contemporary artists from around the world on display all over the city.

Famous works of art are usually kept well out of arms reach behind glass and velvet ropes at world-renowned galleries and museums. But, here in Macau spectacular works of art are accessible to everyone.

Dale Chihuly is perhaps the most renowned glass artist of our time. This prolific artist, whose career spans six decades, made his name with a slew of innovative, daring and breathtaking glass sculptures and architectural installations. One of the most famous, and covering approximately 2,000 square feet, is his Fiori di Como – a ceiling installation at the Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas – that has the distinction of being the largest glass sculpture ever made.
Here in Macau, a smaller scale, yet no less impressive Chihuly artwork, the Fiori di Paradiso Ceilin, decorates the lobby at the MGM Macau. This striking red installation is coupled to dramatic effect with a Chihuly wall art installation behind the reception desk; the Fiori Di Paradiso Drawing Wall, made up of 42 different glass panels measuring 17 meters by five metres.

American artist Jeff Koons – known for working with popular culture objects and turning the ordinary into extraordinary – is widely regarded as one of the most important, influential, popular, and controversial artists of the post-war era. Steve Wynn certainly thought so, paying a reported US$33.7 million dollars for Tulips, a giant stainless-steel floral sculpture on display at the Esplanade at Wynn Palace Cotai.
The 33-tonne sculpture is one of five unique versions of Tulips, works that are part of a series called Celebration created by Koons between 1995 and 2004. Said to be one of the largest and most complex works in the series, Tulips represents a bouquet of twisted balloon flowers cast in steel and brought to a high mirror polish and plated in a vivid spectrum of colour.

Exploring another kind of popular culture – China’s new-found adoration for Western luxury brands, and the ubiquitous fake industry this obsession has spawned – Chinese artist Liao Yibai confronts the creativity of both luxury brands and their counterfeit counterparts through a series of oversized stainless steel sculptures of watches, rings, handbags, and high heeled shoes rendered in perfect accuracy. The concepts of real and fake are studied through mash-ups of luxury labels, the appropriation of real fake brand names, and the creation of the artists own luxury brands.
Intricately crafted in striking detail, Fake High Heel Channel X, on display at the Esplanade at Wynn Palace Cotai, is a large-scale representation of a stiletto created by Liao as part of his Real Fakes series.

Wearable Art
Literally stitching pieces of history together to create modern art, Chinese artist Li Xiaofeng uses pieces of porcelain from the Ming and Qing dynasties found at archaeological sites to create original costumes he calls “rearranged landscapes” for their ability to tell a story.
The Beijing artist painstakingly shapes and polishes pieces of porcelain, drilling holes into each and stitching them together to create traditional Chinese dresses, jackets and military uniforms. On of Xiaofeng’s stunning porcelain dress installations can be found in the lift lobby of the Mandarin Oriental Macau.



戴尔·奇胡利(Dale Chihuly)或许是这个时代最有名的玻璃艺术家。这位高产艺术家的艺术生涯跨度六十年,听到他的名字,必定会让人联想到大量创新、大胆和令人惊叹的玻璃雕塑及建筑装置作品。其中最知名的一个作品就是Fiori di Como,作为有史以来最大型的玻璃雕塑,面积约2,000平方英尺(186平方米)的这个天花板装置作品收藏于拉斯维加斯贝拉吉奥赌场渡假村。
在澳门美高梅,同样有一个奇胡利的装置作品Fiori di Paradiso Ceilin,虽然规模大小比不上拉斯维加斯的姊妹,但气势却同样震撼。这个令人惊艳的红色装置与前台后方奇胡利另一件浓烈抢眼的艺术装置相映成趣,效果强烈,Fiori Di Paradiso Drawing Wall巨型背景墙由42块面积达17米乘5米的玻璃板组成。

美国艺术家谢夫·昆斯(Jeff Koons)以通过流行文化对象进行创作,并将平凡转变为不平凡而闻名,更被广泛认为是二战后最重要、影响力最大、最受欢迎及最受争议的艺术家之一。史提芬永利亦这样认为,并据称以3,370万美金买下了他的作品“郁金香”,一个巨型的不锈钢花朵雕塑,目前收藏于路氹城永利皇宫名店街。

雕琢细腻的“伪高跟鞋Channel X”同样收藏于路氹城永利皇宫名店街,完美呈现了细高跟鞋细节的这个大型雕塑,是廖一百“真伪”系列的作品之一。