The second candidate of the electoral candidate Group 12 – Power of the Citizens – Joana Chong said she had received anonymous phone calls from different people asking her to quit the election otherwise saying ‘be careful when stepping out of home’.
Speaking on yesterday’s conference, the first candidate, Sze Lee Ah, said they all have been receiving different levels of harassment in the past three months.
“Why are these people giving out threats to any of our members […] even now,” said Sze, while voicing out that they will not quit the election.
Chong, the second candidate, while shedding her tears, said that she never would have thought that running in an election would be that difficult.
“I don’t understand why other groups could happily do their campaign while we can’t,” lamented Chong. “I have considered to quit, but advisers say if I quit I will pose significant threat to Mr. Sze.”
She revealed that they have already filed a case with the related department, while refusing to disclose the exact department that they had approached for assistance due to legal issues.
When asked whether they had reflected the situation to the Electoral Affairs Commission (CAEL), CCAC or the police, Sze said that they “think it is more effective to collect more solid evidence before approaching the CCAC [Commission Against Corruption]”.
The candidate said they had lodged a complaint to the police yesterday morning about the removal of their poster but the police simply concluded that it was a result made by the wind.
Sze also said that the harassment also affected their promotional plan, since even supporters are being harassed.
“It would be difficult to ask our supporters to testify for us because they are all scared,” said the candidate. “They even harass their families, elderlies and kids […] that’s too much.”
The group wished to let this matter be known by the public as to ensure some safety for the group.
“It has been going on like this for two to three months,” said Sze. “We thought it would end soon but the issues have become more serious and so we decided to let the public know.”
Sze was a trustee for the group of legislator, Chan Meng Kam, in 2013’s Legislative Election.

Serve for the youth
The group advocates to fight for more opportunities for young people in the city, such as the implementation of free tertiary education as to strengthen competitiveness.
Group 12 also suggests to cancel registering for election voting, as to allow permanent residents who reach 18 or above to be eligible for voting.
Sze said he is a member of many associations related to the young population and many young people wished him to strive for opportunities for young people.

Group 12 candidates during the event denouncing the facts