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Melco employees create a new achievement in F&B

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is arguably essential to the sustainable development of any company. Melco Resorts & Entertainment devotes huge efforts to contribute positively to the community through proactive and innovative approaches.
For Melco, lifelong learning is a large part of the company’s CSR vision, and they call it Whole Person Development. Under the leadership of chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho, the company offers a wide array of learning opportunities to embrace a Whole Person Development philosophy, where the process is not limited to classroom knowledge but an entire spectrum of exposure and experiences; with the aim of transforming employee’s lives.

A record-breaking milestone of Melco’s Culinary Team
Recently, Melco achieved record-breaking achievement with ten Michelin stars among six of Melco’s signature restaurants by the Michelin Guide 2019. Among the six signature restaurants, Cantonese fine dining restaurant Jade Dragon at City of Dreams is honoured to win its first three Michelin stars. “Every dish has been carefully created by the team and improved upon. That’s the reason for our success today,” said Kelvin Au Yeung, Executive Chef, Jade Dragon.  “Where I am now is the peak of my life and career, but we will not become proud. We will continue to work hard and become better.”

Mr. Kelvin Au Yeung, Executive Chef of Jade Dragon

Before joining the opening team of Jade Dragon in 2012, Chef Au Yeung held senior sous chef positions at acclaimed traditional Cantonese restaurants Treasure Palace and Lung Heen (both at City of Dreams, Macau). Thanks to career development opportunities at Melco, the talented chef received opportunities enabling him to work his way up. “Opportunities are provided by others, yet the confidence people place onto you needs to be provided by oneself.” said Au Yeung. “When people put their trust in you, you have to do your best for them.”

During Chef Au Yeung’s tenure at Jade Dragon, the restaurant has garnered a succession of major awards and accolades. These include the Michelin three-star award (2019), The two-star award (2016-2018) and the one-star award (2014-2015).

Mr. Lawrence Ho said, “I am incredibly proud of Melco’s culinary team for their ongoing dedication to excellence, and the Michelin Guide’s awards further affirms the global recognition for their efforts. Our success has only been made possible through the successful partnerships we have with our world-renowned chefs and the great teamwork within our teams. We are always committed to delivering the most exquisite dining experiences for our guests, and we aim to raise the bar even higher in order to offer our guests the finest, most memorable and luxurious experiences possible through our properties.”

Lifelong learning and career opportunities

Melco’s in-house Learning Academy offers over 200 courses per year to employees to enhance knowledge and professionalism for a brighter future


To focus on nurturing staff development to foster excellence, Melco introduced its in-house Learning Academy in 2010. The Learning Academy offers over 200 courses per year, including in-house courses and training programs offered in collaboration with external training bodies. Courses include Diploma in Hospitality Management, Casino Management and the Advanced Diploma in Gaming Management; each designed to help employees learn and further develop skills and knowledge for enhanced professionalism.

Melco has teamed with Escola Secundária Luso-Chinesa de Luís Gonzaga Gomes and the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau (DSEJ) to provide Macau’s first and only in-house Back-to-School High School Diploma Programme, providing employees who have yet to complete their high school diplomas the chance to do so.

Lawrence Ho congratulates a colleague on his achievement of a bachelor’s degree co-organized by Melco’s in-house Learning Academy

Organized in collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University, Melco YOU-niversity offers employees yet to attain a university degree the opportunity to study for one, with the first group of 15 employee students successfully graduated last year.

Furthermore, the company established the Melco Scholarship in 2010 to support employees and their immediate family members in pursuing bachelor degrees locally in Macau, Hong Kong or overseas. To date, ninety-five employees and their families have benefited from this program.

Looking ahead, the Melco Learning Academy is continuing to support 124 team members with the chance to study for bachelor degrees, diplomas and advanced diplomas for Hospitality, Casino and Gaming Management to transform both the working and personal lives of its employees.