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Graduates Turn Entrepreneurs – Amidst a Daunting Industry Crisis

The Hospitality and Tourism Sector has experienced a drastic downturn where multiple ‘New Norms’ are...

OPINION-COVID-19 Vaccine: Business as usual?

By Catarina Vila Nova They told us not to hold...

Three reasons why inbound travel to the Middle East from China will surge in the...

Over the past decade, China has become one of the fastest growing source markets for...

Macau is getting ready for its open data initiative

By Simon Lei Kong Macau aims to transform itself into a smart city. In the...

OPINION – New Regulations on Public Assets Supervision and Planning and the Need for Corporate...

The new guidelines require enterprises with public capital to disclose more information such as...

Sexual harassment in hospitality industry

By Fernando Lourenço IFTM Comments is a partnership...

OPINION-The Case for a Macau stock exchange: An opportunity in challenging times

The creation of a local stock exchange is an almost necessary condition for the development...

MBtv: Video-Editorial, MB September 2020 – “MacaUtopia”

Macau Business magazine. August 2020 Editorial. MacaUtopia by José Carlos Matias.

Opinion – Airport bus

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is a notable work of engineering. Its political and symbolic meaning...

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商訊 | 時事評論 – 重覆又重覆












商訊 April | 極限服務 – 穿梭於澳門街頭


商訊 March | 旅業不重質  怨聲載道 


商訊 Feb | 政府政策 藥石亂投


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MBtv: Severe weather, culture clashes, hunger – Venezuelan migrants’ perilous journey to Chile

The final stretch on a harsh and sometimes deadly journey by foot to Santiago: Venezuelan...

MBtv: Hong Kong dissidents charged with subversion, hundreds show support outside court

Hong Kong police have charged 47 of the city's leading pro-democracy activists with one count...

Essential Macau: ‘Wa Modern’ Japanese fusion teppanyaki

Named after its acclaimed chef Terufumi Mihara, the elegant new grill raises the bar...

MBtv: Take a cup of digestive tea in Fu Tea Town, NW China

Wanna a cup of diet tea? Digestive Fu tea from northwest China is said to...

MBtv: China sees acceleration in work resumption after Spring Festival holiday

To prevent the sporadic resurgence of COVID-19, China encouraged people to stay put over the...

MBtv: Myanmar coup – a look at the protests sweeping the country

Massive street demonstrations have taken place since Myanmar's military staged a coup on February 1...

MBtv: Dubai launches world’s tallest swing ride

An amusement park in Dubai launches world's tallest sky flyer, which is "as tall as...

MBtv: China speeds up planning future industries for high-quality growth

China is accelerating the layout of future industries for high-quality growth. Industries of the future...

MBtv: Countdown to Beijing 2022: Olympic test run is finally a go. Feel it!

It's a go! The postponed test run for the 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games is...

Ousted by war, Iraq’s Christians struggle to reclaim homes

Fleeing war or threats of persecution, Iraq's Christians left behind thousands of homes in recent...

MBtv: Then-and-now images of Christchurch 10 years after deadly quake

On 22 February, New Zealand will mark the tenth anniversary of the Christchurch earthquake which...

Essential Macau: Healing sanctuary

A new destination for secluded rejuvenation in Chengdu’s renowned White Horse Spring

MBtv: Climate change threatens future of village hit by India glacier

A small Himalayan village in northern India bore witness to the devastating flash flood this...

MBtv: Cubans return to the land to survive as pandemic keeps tourists away

In the picturesque town of Vinales, a popular tourist getaway in rural Cuba, terraces of...

MBtv: Belarus jails journalists for two years over protest coverage

A court in Belarus sentences a pair of young television journalists to two years in...

New Taipa-Zhuhai ferry service to open in March

A new ferry service linking the Pac On Ferry Terminal (in Taipa) and Zuhuai's Jiuzhou...

MBtv: Turkish medics climb mountains to vaccinate remote villagers

As Turkey expands its vaccine rollout, the task of inoculating elderly villagers in remote areas...

MBtv: Rebel music – Myanmar youth sound off against military coup

From a classical orchestra playing a revolutionary song to viral breakdancers performing Michael Jackson anthems...

MBtv: Bill Gates – China makes fight against climate change more affordable

Bill Gates says China's contributions make the fight against #ClimateChange more affordable for the world...

MBtv: Poverty alleviation in China – The last mile

At the end of 2020, China met its target of eradicating poverty as planned.Behind the...