Housing prices rebounded in July

The city’s average housing price rebounded from MOP94,265 (US$11,698) per square metre in June to MOP97,502 per square metre in July, registering an increase of 3.4 per cent despite the mortgage policy rolled out by the MSAR Government in May, latest official data released by the Financial Services Bureau (DSF) reveals.
Of the three districts, the average housing price in Coloane was MOP131,808, marking it as the only one to experience a decrease in prices, down 1.5 per cent month-on-month. When compared to a year ago, however, prices in Coloane posted an increase of 46.2 per cent.
The average price for second-hand units increase 8.5 per cent in July to MOP92,397 per square metre when compared to MOP85,157 per square metre in June.
A slight increase also appeared in the price of off-plan units, which stood at MOP136,338, up 1.6 per cent month-on-month.
Regarding the number of transactions, the city saw a month-on-month drop of 9.8 per cent to 764.
DSF data shows that all districts in the city – namely the Macau Peninsula, Taipa Island and Coloane – experienced declines in the number of sales in July when compared to a month ago.
However, the number of home sales in Taipa was the only district that had decreased when compared to the same month last year, down 57.6 per cent when compared to 118 in July this year and 278 last year.
In particular, both transactions for completed and off-plan units decreased, down 27 and 56 sales month-on-month, respectively.