Portugal: Former CEO of failed bank BES to appeal conviction

The former CEO of failed bank BES is to appeal against a conviction by the Bank of Portugal to pay a fine of €1.8 million, according to a statement released on Thursday, accusing the central bank of not being impartial

According to several media reports on Thursday, the central bank decided on the convictions of 18 defendants in the BES Angola case (BESA), having fined Salgado €1.8 million.

Salgado’s defence said that faced with the decision, Salgado is to appeal to the courts, in the hope that the state will not give in to pressures of any kind.

The defence also said this decision revealed that the central bank was not impartial since the declarations of the Bank of Portugal on the day of the resolution of BES (3 August 2014) indicated that Carlos Costa had already chosen “those who would be guilty” in the BES case.