Special Report – Bond, the future is bond

The government’s bet was to create a bond market in Macau. Is the idea compatible with a stock exchange (NASDAQ style) in Hengqin, or not? For now, pursuant to the preliminary results of research, conducted by the appointed international consulting...

Special Report – “It should be in Macau”… Or not

The Central Government is studying the possibility of establishing a Macau securities exchange market in neighbouring Hengqin. However local authorities are taking a cautious approach to it at this stage.

OPINION – Three cheers for critical thinking

Many years ago I had the privilege of hearing the late famous UK educationist, Harvey Goldstein, give a keynote lecture. He calmly, politely and with surgical skill, dissected out and demolished the then UK government’s policy on assessment in schools....

How Are You Today? 

Although surveys and figures showcase the mental wellbeing of residents in the city remain sound amid Covid-19, more could be done as there are still uncertainties ahead