GEG team members always enjoy the responsible gaming activities held by the company, which keep everyone’s spirits up while creating a forum for important ideas.

A spirit of giving – Galaxy Entertainment Group is committed to promoting responsible gaming

Beyond taking a leading position in Macau’s entertainment and hospitality sectors, Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) plays another important role — giving back to the local community in meaningful and sustainable ways.

Steadfast in adversity

The year 2020 has been a challenging one in many ways, but despite facing adversity of many kinds, GEG has been able to continue to give back to the local community and raise awareness for responsible gaming. This year, GEG launched a series of family-based responsible gaming programs around the theme of the Macau SAR Government’s responsible gaming promotions to promote and sustain a responsible gaming culture. GEG made use of infographics, social media, interactive quizzes and other tools to connect with and engage the company’s team members and their families.

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Responding to society’s needs

GEG was the first gaming operator in Macau to establish a dedicated team to find ways to promote and maintain positive attitudes toward responsible gaming. Today, GEG joins force with different government bodies, academic groups, social service institutions and gambling disorder prevention centers to build a responsible gaming culture that aligns with the Macau SAR Government’s direction and related policies.

GEG team members test their skills at games that carry valuable lessons. Roadshows like this one takes GEG’s messages about responsible gaming and healthy attitudes to the public at various venues around Macau.

Working with the community to achieve the goals

Over the years, GEG has worked closely with different community stakeholders on initiating and organizing activities to promote responsible gaming awareness. So far, GEG’s responsible gaming programs have attracted the participation of over 70,000 team members. In addition to workshops, seminars and other activities, GEG creates and delivers special messages to team members around festive seasons and major events such as the Chinese New Year, and at the time of the World Cup to instil healthy and rational attitudes toward gaming.

It’s fun to learn about positive attitudes and responsible gaming, and these and plenty of other ways to have fun are explored in GEG’s training courses for team members.

Recently, GEG teamed up with Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office and staged a parent-child financial workshop to help its team members and their families develop financial literacy and good relationships. In addition, GEG donated MOP100,000 to the Bosco Youth Service Network in support of its start-up of the ‘FREEland’ gambling addiction prevention services, and worked with the non-profit organization to present a Parent Child adventure program to promote positive attitudes and sense of belonging to 120 parents and children. GEG has also been working with the Macau Catholic Family Advisory Council on building healthy family relationships, and independently initiated a number of roadshows, training, workshops and quizzes designed especially to raise awareness for gaming disorder and prevention.

GEG lends a helping hand to the local community in many ways. Recently, GEG presented a donation to the Bosco Youth Service Network and also worked with the organization on a Parent Child adventure program.
GEG organizes workshops so that its team’s younger family members can enjoy while learning important daily life lessons. 

Moving forward, GEG will continue to express in practical ways, the Group’s dedication to fostering responsible gaming attitudes and practices, and give its unstinting support to sustainable development of a healthy and prosperous community. Let’s look forward to hearing more about how GEG and its caring teams, keep giving.

The GEG team takes part in special events designed to be enjoyed by parents and children. These strengthen family ties and make for a day of fun for all.