Citywide testing completed, 21 preliminary positive results in mixed sets detected

The 48-hour mass citywide testing has been concluded at 12:00pm with a total of 677,586 samples collected, health authorities reported.

A total of 542,692 samples have come back negative so far but preliminary positive tests have been detected in 21 sets of 10-in-1 mixed.

The 10-in-1 mixed sampling technique involves placing swab heads into the same virus preservation tube during the collection process, followed by enclosed transport, inactivation and testing.

Any mixed samples with negative results are eliminated, and no further individual tests were conducted, while with mixed samples with positive results, further individual tests are conducted to determine who was infected with 2019-nCoV.

Authorities are now conducting individual tests on the people involved and are asking that those who chose these locations for testing at the same time as these samples use the rapid test kit at home in the coming two days and then upload the results online. 

All the temporary testing stations set for the testing drive were closed immediately at noon, with only seven community testing stations remaining in operation. 

Those who did not take the testing between 12 noon on 19 June and 12 noon on June 21 need to take the testing at their own expense.

For residents who have not undergone nucleic acid testing before 3:00pm today, their health code will be converted to a yellow and they must undergo a nucleic acid test and have a negative result to obtain a green code again.

In accordance with relevant regulations, yellow health code holders may be denied access to public places, cannot take public transportation and cannot leave Macau.

Moreover, the police will send them to the designated place for testing and they need to wait in the place until the test result is negative. Those who refuse to be tested must undergo medical observation at the designated location for 14 days.

A total of 47 confirmed cases have been confirmed by authorities since the start of the most recent community outbreak as of 9:00am today, with the number of people placed under medical observation jumping to 1,502.

Several students from Sacred Heart Canossian College Kindergarten and Hou Kong High School have been placed under medical observation due to links to confirmed cases.

The Hotel Fortuna in Rua de Cantao, its casino and the nearby Pak Tou Parking Lot have also been sealed this morning by police and health authorities, with about 500 to 700 people to be taken to Sheraton for quarantine, after a hotel employee tested positive for Covid, TDM TV reported.