EU/Presidency: Costa announces ‘Europe Startup Alliance of Nations’

Portugal’s prime minister announced on Friday the launch of a European structure dedicated to entrepreneurship, called “Europe Startup Alliance of Nations”, whose permanent representation will be in Lisbon and which aims to compete with other geographical areas in technological innovation.

António Costa was speaking at the Centro Cultural de Belém, in Lisbon, at the opening of a conference dedicated to “Digital Day”.

In his speech, Costa said that in June, during an initiative called “Digital Assembly”, a principle of the agreement entitled “Lisbon Declaration” will be signed, which will constitute “a basis of understanding to promote respect for European values and fundamental values in the digital environment, foster the digitalisation of the economy as a factor of prosperity and competitiveness, and encourage international cooperation in this area”.

“That date will also see the inauguration of the EllaLink cable, which will connect Europe, Africa and South America, and will make a decisive contribution to greater European digital autonomy in terms of infrastructure and data,” he added.

Costa said, “a new European structure for entrepreneurship will then be launched – the Europe Startup Nations Alliance – a tool for the realisation of the European design in this area”.

“The permanent structure, located in Lisbon, will contribute to strengthen the European brand in the area of entrepreneurship, prevent the flight of entrepreneurs to other geographies, retain and attract talent, stimulate investment, and promote the implementation of best practices, harmonising the actions of the 27 [Member States] aimed at achieving the same goal.  In short, a new operational model for monitoring the entrepreneurship ecosystem, more effective, focused on achieving results,” he said.