Infractions found in local reclamation works – Maritime authorities

The Marine and Water Bureau (DSAMA) has warned that several infractions and irregularities have been found in reclamation works being carried out in Macau SAR waters.

Maritime authorities noted that during recent inspections they have found some regulation violations, mainly involving the expiration of the license for construction vessels, or the failure of the vessels to navigate in accordance with Macau port plans, navigation notices, and other regulations.

Usually, reclamation works involve movements by a large number of sand transport vessels travelling to and from Mainland China within local waters, or other construction or engineering vessels.

Currently, the largest reclamation works involve New Area Zone C in front of the Taipa riverside, works that were expected to be concluded in April but saw their deadline extended after several delays.

“The bureau reminds that the maritime engineering industry must comply with relevant maritime laws and regulations to prevent non-participating ships from entering the construction area of a relevant project,” DSAMA noted.

“All agencies should also pay attention to the validity period of the engineering and ship licenses or permits in order to apply for renewal in a timely manner. The bureau will also strengthen supervision and will be punished in accordance with relevant regulations for violations”.

A meeting was also held to remind representative of the industry concerning wind shelter rules for engineering ships and on how to comply with relevant maritime regulations.