Macau Opinion | Integration and childbirth pains

I fully agree that if Macau really wants to integrate the project of the Great Pearl River Bay, it will have to open up completely.

The Great Chinese Motherland knows what it does, that we here are like the kids who go to school for the first time.

Only when pushed, we walk forward, muttering quietly!

In short, it is just a logical step towards the integration of Macao with the Motherland!

We will have to open the doors in a process which is, as a matter of fact, bilateral or rather multilateral, because it also involves Hong Kong.

That is to say that we will not be the only ones doing it.

Hence, the insignificance of the so polemic recognition of driving licenses!

With a big bridge pointing at the door, a lot of business around, and a lot of people wanting to move freely, all restrictions to the free movement of people, goods and capital do not make sense.

We call this logical process, among other things, economic integration.

Of course, it will probably force the acceleration of the “political” integration. Otherwise, with two systems often opposing each other, the confusion will make run a lot of ink, cause a lot of wasted time and end up leading to inefficiency, which is what nobody wants.

After all, when all this happens, we should be integrating ourselves into the largest economy in the world!

I was once told that access to the new bridge would not be totally free, that is, there would be restrictions.

In my opinion, if the idea is to integrate, we should open all doors and manage the day-to-day that follows.

But we must ensure that this whole process is done with respect to the Basic Law!

Something that does not always seem to happen, unfortunately.

In some cases, integration is moving on very quietly!

We could give many examples of this kind of approach and many are already well known, but today I dare to show a clear example of this quiet integration: the certification posted at the doors of several casinos of the quality of the air which is breathed there, by the Zhuhai Quarantine Department, as the stamp shows.

Just a simple Zhuhai stamp!

Would it not be logical to find that this should also be certified by another institution from Macau?

Is it a sign suggesting that integration is done faster than it is said?

A message to calm down Chinese players?

Or simply both?