Macau to be one of the first cities in the world to have full 5G coverage – CTM

The CEO of Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau (CTM), Vandy Poon Fuk Hei, said today that the telecom provider wants Macau to be one of the first cities in the world with full 5G network technology coverage.

Mr. Poon told MNA that the company is maintaining its goal to make a 5G network for commercial use available in the first half of 2020 with the whole of Macau to be covered within that year.

“This will hopefully make us one of the very first cities in the world to have full comprehensive 5G coverage. However, we will launch with the main areas already covered,” the CTM head said.

These areas were described as being major facilities, residential and commercial areas and tourist hotspots – such as the Cotai Strip – and all city border checkpoints.

According to Mr. Poon CTM has already finalised its plans with its prospective technology supplier Huawei for providing the systems and equipment and it already has an agreement with the Macau government on the spectrum locations.

“Because 5G has new radio spectrums which have higher frequencies, the tuning of the indoor coverage will take some more work […] There is some radio spectrum clearance that the government needs to work with the industry to make sure in the future the spectrums are kept clean for 5G. The next big steps will be the issuance of the licenses to prospective operators,” he added.

Mr. Poon made the comments on the sidelines of a press conference to announce the MGS Entertainment Show 2019 edition, as CTM partnered with the event’s organisers to make the conference the first MICE event in the city to make use of 5G technology.

In the event Mr. Poon noted that CTM started 5G network trials in 2018; inviting the Secretary for Transport and Public Works, Mr. Raimundo do Rosario to make Macau’s first 5G call in May; collaborating with TDM to conduct 5G HD live streaming; and setting up a 5G network testing environment for the State Key Laboratory of Internet of Things for Smart City at the University of Macau.

“5G technology is going to be a catalyst for greater development of different industries. CTM will give full strength to enable all sectors to seize the 5G opportunities, leveraging the innovative 5G technology and applications to achieve industrial integration and further stimulate diversified economic development,” Mr. Poon noted in the event.