New Macau Data Science Application Association vows to raise profile of the field in the region

Newly registered Macau Data Science Application Association (MODL), also known as Macau Data Lab, to organise more meetups and initiatives focused on data science and raising the profile of data science within the Greater Bay Area.

In an announcement, the association founder and chairman, Xavier Mathieu, highlighted the new association motto to bring together data science enthusiasts or anyone curious in deepening its knowledge in the field.

‘Hopefully, Macau Data Lab will fulfil its mission of “raising the profile of data science in GBA”, and become a central meeting point in Macau for anybody interested or involved in data science, from curious individuals wanting to know more to the professionals willing to meet its peers, the seasoned researcher, the student creating his portfolio, the executive looking for growth strategies, anybody is welcome,’ the association announced.

Mathieu initially imported the concept in 2019 in Macau from a group he previously founded in Hong-Kong, with the first event involving the screening of a movie about data science.

The local group then proceeded to organize more events – about 20 in the last 2 years – gathering data enthusiasts who wish to discuss data science techniques, stories, present their work, or simply meet their peers in an informal setup.

“Data science is a vaguely defined discipline, and data is literally everywhere. In consequence, there is a humongous amount of references, books, videos, articles on the net to learn theory or techniques, which can feel overwhelming for people learning, and also lots of daydreaming articles that make non-specialists believe that AI is a magic wand, leading later to disappointments,” Mathieu added.

“The best way to understand is to practice: there is no better way to really learn something than doing an actual project and exchanging with others. Plus this is so much funnier”