Opinion – Three years of MNA

Today, the Macau News Agency news platform completes three years of a very intense news work production with no signs of slowing down.

The natural evolution from the Business Daily newspaper, MNA looked to expand the usual daily quality news production to its natural new environment in the online world, with rapid updates on economy, and political and social affairs in the SAR.

We also believed it would be a good hard news complement to the quality feature content provided through the Macau Business magazine for many years.

It was not an easy change, but luckily the foundation learned from our print past life provided valuable experience and insight during the process.

It has been a very steep learning curve, but as a team we always believed there was space in Macau for an English-language online news platform that could inform not just the expat and English-speaking foreign community but also provide an alternative news source for residents wanting content outside their usual print, TV or social media sources.

We suffered many team changes but always looked to maintain the same precise and concise style during these three years as we navigated the major event that never fail to occur in this special city, from typhoons to Chief Executive elections.

However, nothing could prepare us, as it could not for anyone else, for the dramatic events that unfolded this year.

It has not been easy to make sure our readers and followers receive daily updates on all the crucial COVID-19 pandemic health updates, since the first reports started emerging for the first local case on January 22 and the unprecedented 15-day closure in local casino operations.

As the saying goes, ‘a candle lights others but consumes itself’, and 2020 has definitely taken a toll and proven to be a relentless year for media all over world with the constant deluge of life-changing information that continues to emerge every day.

But here we still are, firmly standing, hopefully, stronger from the experience and with much to give yet. If anything, it just made us more determined; the mission to inform was never as important.

We want to thank everyone that directly or indirectly contributed to this project, either with insightful features or just a word of support. Your help no matter the circumstances has not been forgotten.

For the reader, we’re still standing, right next to you.

[MNA Editor-in-Chief]