1. My forecasts pointed to inflation in August of between 1.15 and 1.17 per cent. It stood at 1.16 percent!
However, this inflation indicator does not reflect the reality of Macau.
July should have been the low point of inflation this year, but data revealed in the past forced me to review my projections.
August was not the turning point, nor is September likely to be.
Who believes that the “cumulative rates of change in input rents for housing”, which weighs 19.7 percentage points on the household expenditure basket, was negative by 2.01 percentage points?
With housing prices continuing to rise monthly to double digits, it is hardly acceptable that rents are not recovering faster, even if there is a lag of a few months!
2. This is indeed a land of many particularities.
Take the case of the blacklisting of individuals who are barred from entering the city.
Are they journalists and personalities linked to the pro-democracy wing of Hong Kong.
Is it chance?
It swears to seventh heaven that this type of list does not exist.
We are a second system, which consecrates certain freedoms, but in recent times the system has been afraid of the poor guys who come to report on a typhoon or to visit Macau with family or friends.
Terrorists, terrorist candidates, drug gangsters, bandits of every kind and species, pedophiles, rapists, pro-independence people – of course I realize these are not well received.
But the rest is simply stupid!
3. A former Prosecutor was convicted without the right to appeal.
Even the world’s greatest bandit is entitled to a second instance. Nobody has seen him worried about the “poor” Secretary who was also convicted without appeal!
God is Machiavellian!
Our Legislative Assembly works very badly.
It approved amendments in 2009 to the basic law of the judicial organization and did not address the issue of just such an appeal.
Today, some speak loudly, but they did the same with the Land Law, which ended up plundering entrepreneurs who did a lot for Macau, and the fault was not theirs, as their projects could not be developed because the government simply did not proceed with the agreed reordering for the respective zones on time.
Being a lawmaker part-time is effectively a conflicting activity in regards to effectiveness and good service to Macau and China!