Portugal and Macau academics to discuss humanities at international conference

Teachers from Portuguese universities and Macau higher education institutions will participate on November 25 in an international conference – held in Portuguese – to discuss humanities.

Organized by the Higher School of Languages ​​and Translation of the Macao Polytechnic Institute (IPM), the conference, entitled “Meeting with the Human Sciences”, aims to “deepen the scientific preparation” of IPM PhD students in Portuguese, “in different areas of knowledge “, reinforcing” knowledge networks “with” interest for their research “and contributing to” the creation of empathic links with academics from other institutions “.

Maria de Lurdes Correia Fernandes, vice-chancellor of the University of Porto and specialist in Culture and Literature, and Carlos Ceia, professor at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, coordinator of the initial training of teachers of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences and PhD in “Didactics of Languages”.

Paulo Osório, professor at the University of Beira Interior, Maria José Grosso, from the University of Lisbon, as well as Vera Borges, from the University of São José, in Macau, and Changsen Li, IPM coordinating professor, also participate in the event.

The program has as themes “Why literature in times of pandemic?”, “Literary translation of the Portuguese language in Modern China”, “Digital Humanities for Education: New Paths for Teaching Languages, Literatures and Cultures” and “Linguistic and Educational Policies in the Promotion and Diffusion of the Portuguese Language”, among others.

During the event, the book “Theoretical-Practical Aspects of Portuguese / Chinese Translation” will be presented, by professors Changsen Li (James Li) and Choi Wai Hao, edited by IPM.

Participation is free, but requires registration on the IPM website (http://ipm.mo/pphr), where the conference program can also be consulted.