Portugal: Presidential elections scheduled for January 24, 2021

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has, on Tuesday, scheduled the presidential elections for January 24, 2021.

“In accordance with the Constitution and the Electoral Law, the President of the Republic signed today the decree setting the presidential elections for Sunday, January 24, 2021, which has already been published in the Official Gazette”, reads a note published on the Presidency of the Republic’s website.

The Electoral Law of the President of the Republic establishes that the Head of State “will set the date of the first ballot for the election for the Presidency of the Republic at least 60 days in advance”. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa signed this decree 61 days before the election date.

If none of the candidates receives more than half of the validly cast votes, “the second ballot will take place on the twenty-first day after the first” between the two candidates with the most votes – in this case, on February 14.