Sports Bureau already handed guidelines for re-opening swimming pools and other facilities

Health authorities announced today (Wednesday) that they have sent their pandemic prevention guidelines to the Sports Bureau for a possible re-opening of local sports facilities, such as swimming pools and football pitches.

“First we have to limit the number of people to a certain number, we don’t want public spaces to have large gatherings. Second, all people wanting to enter we have to assure they don’t show symptoms such as fever or breathing difficulties. Third, a minimum distance of one meter has to be respected. Fourth, all equipment has to be cleaned regularly with disinfectant,” Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre Coordinator Dr Leong Iek Hou said in today’s pandemic update press conference.

Health authorities did not, however, announce a specific date for the re-opening, with the ID responsible for issuing a uniform re-opening schedule.

Dr. Leong expressed that authorities hoped residents could make use of public facilities as normal as possible but that these criteria were needed for any re-opening of public facilities such as barbecue areas.