The closing of the Canidrome!

When, about six years ago, I was confronted with the situation of the greyhounds at the Canidrome, I decided that Anima should help to find a humane solution for the animals.
At the time, none of them left the Canidrome alive!
The Canidrome began its activities in 1932, started by an American. Afterwards, its operations were interrupted in 1938 by the Sino-Japanese war, until it was later reopened in 1963.
In 2018, the Canidrome will end.
Anima asked for an opportunity for an adoption program for the inactive animals instead of all of them being euthanized.
However, after two meetings in 2012, under the umbrella of the DICJ, no serious adoption program was considered.
So, Anima began to ask for the closure of the Canidrome.
At the end of 2012, Anima’s campaign intensified. At the AFA (Asia for Animals) Conference in Singapore, a letter to the Chief Executive was prepared and signed by AFA, representing ten international organizations, and supported by 131 organizations around the world!
Anima’s petition received more than 370,000 supporters!
An international roundtable in Macau was organized, bringing together 10 international animal protection organizations, from all over the world, including China!
Twenty-four cities around the world organized a vigil for the greyhounds of Macau.
The Macau Government finally reacted, extending the Canidrome’s operation for another year, in order to study the matter!
At the end of 2015, after the release of a video produced by Animals Australia, the Canidrome ceased receiving animals from Australia.
In 2016, the company decided to buy dogs from Ireland, the largest producer of these animals in Europe, but this was blocked in the UK.
With no more dogs, the government announced that it would give the Canidrome two options: change its location (and if it did, be obliged to pay more attention to animal welfare), or close in July 2018.
Now it is clear, the Canidrome will close in July 2018!
This year, Anima made an appeal to the Chairman of the Canidrome: Let’s work together to save all those animals!
Anima also asked the Macau Government to work in the same direction.
Internationally, a new petition has been launched by the Italians (Italy banned greyhounds racing in 2002), alerting to the damage to Macau’s image as an International Tourism Centre if the greyhounds are sent to China, Vietnam, or to any other countries where no laws protect them.
Macau only has to gain if we can find a nice and clever way out.
May common sense and a sense of humanity win!