Work on new urban areas, new bridge, airport expansion to begin in 2021

The Secretary for Transport and Public Works of Macau said on Friday that new urban areas, the fourth Macau-Taipa bridge and the expansion of the international airport will start in 2021.

Raimundo do Rosário spoke in Portuguese at the opening of the sectoral debate on the Lines of Government Action for 2021 in parliament.

One of the urban areas in focus is the so-called ‘zone A’ of the new landfills, where construction of another 3,000 homes of public housing has already begun, he said, underlining that ‘zone A’ will have “many works, infrastructures and housing”.

“When we have a master plan [for urban development 2020-2040], we can move forward with detailed plans,” he said.

In the light of the Urban Planning Law, after being submitted to public consultation, which ended on 2 November, a document will be drawn up on the views expressed, to be followed by an opinion from the Urban Planning Council (CPU) and a final report, to be submitted to the Chief Executive of Macau, Ho Iat Seng.

If there are no significant changes to the project, the master plan will be approved by administrative regulation published in the Official Bulletin of the territory.

According to Raimundo do Rosário, the Master Plan will be completed next year.

Also in the northern part of the peninsula, Areia Preta, 1,800 homes for the elderly will be started “in a short period of time”, in which prefabricated units will be used, which is “more environmentally friendly”, with less production of construction waste, he indicated.

Raimundo do Rosario said that in the area of environmental protection, in 2021, the public tender for the food waste treatment centre for the commercial and industrial sector would be held.

“In this pioneering plan, we will include the participation of associations to create habits of food waste selection in society,” said Raymond Tam, director of Environmental Protection Services.

The secretary said that the dangerous substances warehouse would be built in Ká-Hó, Coloane, after it had been planned for the Cotai area, between Taipa and Coloane.

With regard to transport, Raimundo do Rosario said that the extension of the light railway on the Seac Pai Van line (Coloane), which was to start in 2021 with foundation work, and the connection to Hengqin (mountain island) would continue. Work has already begun on the lower deck of the Sai Van bridge for the Taipa-Macau link, and work is in progress on the Barra station in the western part of the peninsula.

As for the expansion of the airport, he said that a second terminal would be built in 2021, transforming part of Taipa’s maritime passenger terminal.