Zhuhai removes 24-hour negative Covid test requirement and lockdowns ahead of CNY

Zhuhai health authorities have announced that as the city has been declassified into a low-risk area, the previous 24-hour negative nucleic acid test requirement to leave the city will no longer be required.

Lockdown measures have been lifted in Tanzhou Town in Zhongshan City and Nanping Town in Zhuhai City following weeks of strict pandemic prevention controls and citywide testing.

Previously, all those who have been to the above two places in the past 14 days would also have their personal health code changed to yellow have to carry out self-health management until 14 days away from the local area.

The above measures have been lifted yesterday (Thursday) and today.

Zhuhai has reported 36 confirmed cases and three asymptomatic cases since 14 January but there have been no new positive cases since January 23.

Macau authorities also shortened the required period for a negative test for arrivals coming from Zhuhai from seven days, to 48 hours and then 24 hours, with no announcement yet on any lift of the policy.

The SAR had been reporting strong visitation numbers earlier this month, until the Zhuhai outbreak began on January 14, with cases also reported in other Guangdong cities, including Shenzhen, Zhongshan, and Meizhou.

The news of an easing in entry requirements will now boost chances for better visitation numbers in the upcoming Chinese New Year period between February 1 and 8.