Macau | Anti-depressive Fluoxetina Bluepharma out of circulation

Lot number L1707131 of the anti-depressive Fluoxetina Bluepharma 20mg Capsules has been voluntarily withdrawn from circulation in Macau following unsatisfactory quality results

Macau (MNA) – The local importer of Fluoxetina Bluepharma 20mg Capsules, an anti-depressive, has voluntarily withdrawn the lot number L1707131 of the drug from circulation in Macau, following unsatisfactory results from quality tests which confirmed standards lower than established.

The medication produced by the Portuguese manufacturer Bluepharma-Indústria Farmacêutica, SA, is distributed to patients of the Health Bureau within registered Pharmacies, according to a note by the Bureau released on Monday evening.

The health authority has therefore requested the importers, exporters, and whole sale distributors of the drug to collect the batches already distributed to the above-mentioned pharmacies.

Patients who are in possession of the lot L1707131 of Fluoxetina Bluepharma are requested to seek information from pharmacists in order to eventually replace the medication in question.

Patients are also reminded by the Bureau to not cease the medication until they are procured with a replacement.