About 24,500 sq/m of Iec Long Firecrackers Factory already reclaimed – Gov’t

The MSAR Government today (Wednesday) carried out the second phase reclamation works to vacate and recover the remaining portions of the Iec Long Firecrackers Factory, in Taipa, with a total of 24,571 square meters already recovered.

The first phase of the eviction action took place last year with some 17,973 square meters whose land concession has expired recovered, with the second phase conducted today recovering 6,598 square meters.

Authorities indicated that the area was occupied with construction materials such as masonry and brick buildings, stone walls, wooden shacks, etc., as well as a large number of objects, illegal plantations, among others.

Area recovered

The recovered area has been fenced with wire and placed signs on the site indicating that it is public domain land and any occupation by third parties is prohibited.

Last month the IC revealed plans to partially re-open the area as a new cultural and leisure space.

The IC plans to preserve the former industry structures in the land plot and conduct restructuring works in the old factory buildings while laying down pedestrian pathways between different zones to create a leisure area for local residents.