Special Report – The other 20

They may not be as high profile nowadays as those in main list, but they could well be among them. They too are movers and shakers.

MB August 2020 Special Report | 20 (+20) influential women

Name Position Why in the list
Annie Lao Environmentalist One of the most proactive voices in town
Celia Lao AirAsia Hong Kong & Macau Chief Executive Officer Responsible for the business and route developments
Chan Hong Legislator and Vice-director Hou Kong School Indirectly elected, representing the educational sector and advocating patriotic education in schools
Cloee Chao Chairperson of New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association The loudest voice among the gaming workers
Daisy Ho Chairman of SJM Holdings Pansy Ho’s sister or much more?
Eileen Stow Chief Executive of Lord Stow’s Bakery Carrying one a Macau household names on her shoulders
Fátima Santos Ferreira President of General Assembly, Fuhong Society of Macau A veteran and tireless advocate for social work and corporate social responsibility   
Hoi Lai Fong  Chief Executive Chief-of-Office “Invisible power”, former CCAC Deputy Commissioner
Jenny Lao-Phillips Dean of the School of Business and Law, USJ Women are slow to reach leadership positions at local universities
Jessica Tong Managing director, Seng Pan Limited Founder of Seng Pan Coffee. Seng Pan has a leadership position in Macau’s food and beverage market
Maria Amélia António President, Casa de Portugal Hands-on and hardworking, the lawyer turns out to be a leader of the Portuguese community
Melina Leong Businesswoman Pioneer of the public relations industry in Macau
Michelle Ho  CEO of Golden Burger (Macau) Food Co. Ltd She inherited his father’s business and expanded it to mainland China
Nacky Kuan Sio Peng Executive Director of Macao Water Supply Company A woman at the top of one of the city’s top utilities
Oriana Inácio Pun  Lawyer Attorney of high-profile defendants in recent years in Macau, including Ho Chio Meng
Patricia Cheong  Founder of PR firm MM Group; former Miss Macau PR/Marketing “Queen”. Her customer list is incredibly impressive (Sands, Galaxy, Melco, MGM Air Macau, Bank of China, among several others)
Rita Santos Businesswoman; former Deputy Secretary-General of Forum Macau Very close lawmaker Pereira Coutinho and president of the General Assembly of the Macau Civil Servants Association   
Sonia Chan Hoi Fan  Director of the Macau Special Administrative Region Public Assets Supervision and Planning Office  Former Secretary for Administration and Justice and head of the newly established public capital firms’ watchdog.
Susana Chou Former President of the Legislative Assembly; Businesswoman. President of the private foundation Macao Tong Chai Charity Association  very popular.
Terry Sio Founder and president of the Rainbow Group Rainbow has in operation over 150 retail stores spanning across Macau and twenty-three other cities in China

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