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OPINION – The most valuable piece

In the days following the announcement of Stanley Ho's death, thousands of pieces on the...
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Special Report – Tá Pau* recycled

Reducing food waste is a Government priority, but 72 per cent of local restaurants still...



Special Report – Sea level in Macau “is now rising at an accelerated rate”

Scientists’ prediction for a medium-emission scenario is that by 2060 water levels will have risen...

Special Report – GBA and the case for legal synchronization

Experts call for the "creation of a mechanism of legal cooperation in environmental governance" and...

Special Report – Eco-friendly hotel

Most hoteliers actively introduce initiatives that contribute to cost savings, but more investments are...

Special Report – “It is very unlikely that Macau can be a sustainable, energy-efficient city...

Environmental science expert Wai Ming To is sceptical on solar or wind energy being developed...









Special Report – Environmental awareness: before and after Hato

Macau residents’ environmental awareness has improved significantly in recent years, but more is needed

Special Report – Hazy problem

Air pollution is one of Macau's most serious environmental problems. But no matter how Macau...

Special Report – Tackling the solid waste malady

Mass tourism translates into too much garbage. It has been a serious problem and prompt...

Special Report – To charge and raise awareness

Implementation of the “polluter pays” principle is proceeding slowly. The government is focused more on...



Special Report – Only 5 photovoltaic interconnections

Almost all the energy consumed in Macau comes from Mainland China. There is a long...

Weathering the pandemic

The city’s insurance sector was impacted by the COVID-19-induced crisis, namely the life segment....