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Macau | Report on Hong Kong’s illegal wildlife trade points Macau as shipping port for ivory crime syndicates

A report titled 'Trading in Extinction-The Dark Side of Hong Kong's Wildlife Trade' has been released and comments on the challenges that the neighbouring SAR faces in tackling the issue of illegal wildlife trade, while describing Macau's role as an illegal elephant tusk ivory trading point for criminal syndicates

Hong Kong failing to tackle wildlife smuggling epidemic: study

Hong Kong must do more to crack down on illegal wildlife smuggling by ending legal loopholes and lenient sentences, conservation groups said Monday, as they detailed the city's role in the lucrative trade

Macau | Chinese tourists drive mobile payment sector to go global – Nielson and Alipay report

Jointly conducted by Nielson Holdings- an American information, data and measurement company- and Alipay, a report on the latest trends in outbound tourism and the consumption habits of Chinese travellers has been released

Macau | HK resident sets fire to two cars in Windsor Arch luxury complex in Taipa

A Hong Kong resident was arrested and will face charges for arson after setting fire to two cars at the luxury residential Windsor Arch residential complex in Taipa, with police authorities believing the incident was caused by a money dispute

Macau | Usage of UnionPay Cloud Flash Pay double m-on-m in December

The usage of UnionPay 'Cloud Flash Pay' in Macau and Hong Kong has doubled month-on-month in December 2018

From sizzle to fizzle: Hong Kong’s red-hot property market cools

For young Hong Kongers like Wilson Leung getting a foothold on the city's property ladder has long been a near impossible task but with the notoriously overpriced housing market facing a downturn, they now have a chance of realising their dream.

Macau | 2019 G2E partners with HK blockchain company for Fintech segment connecting gaming and new technologies

Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Asia announced today that it has partnered with Hong Kong company Blockchain Labs in order to organise a Fintech segment looking to connect financial professionals from casinos and gaming platforms with new blockchain, cloud, cybersecurity and payment technology solutions

Macau | Mainland Chinese inmate population increased by more than half in 2018

Data provided by the Macau Correctional Services Bureau indicates that as of December 31, 2018 there were about 1,458 inmates being held at Coloane Prison, with the number of Mainland Chinese inmates having increased by 52 per cent from the previous year and representing almost half of the local inmate population

Macau | Local teacher uncertain but unopposed to joining new Mainland Chinese teaching scheme

After the Chinese Ministry of Education rolled out a new teaching scheme that allows Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan teachers to take exams that would qualify them to teach in Mainland China, but also voluntarily uphold the leadership of the CCP, local teacher Alfred Wai seems uncertain but also unopposed to joining the scheme

Asian markets in retreat after week-long rally

Hong Kong has led a sell-off across Asian markets today as profit-takers moved in following a six-day rally, while traders look ahead to the release of corporate earnings, but with few catalysts to drive buying, equities were ripe for selling after last week's healthy gains, with the US government shutdown - now in its fourth week and showing no sign of ending soon - instilling a sense of unease.

Macau | Greater Bay Area economic blueprint to be revealed in February – Media

Vice premier Han Zheng has confirmed that Beijing has approved a blueprint to create an information technology-led economic plan for the Greater Bay Area will be revealed in late February

Macau | Chinese Ministry of Education allows HK, Taiwan and Macau teachers to qualify to teach in Mainland China

The Chinese Ministry of Education has announced that it will allow teachers in Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan to take exams qualifying them to teach in Mainland China, with applicants having to vow to support the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and implement the party's educational policy

Hong Kong’s rural hinterland could hold key to chronic land crunch

Hong Kong's government says it needs to build billions of dollars' worth of artificial islands to give the city's glittering skyline room to grow, but critics say developers are hoarding unused land that could solve the problem.

Macau | End of CE term this year and trade war to present challenges for foreign gaming operators – Steve Vickers

Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On stepping down at the end of the year and a possible sharp escalation in the Sino-US relationship will pose challenges to 'foreign' gaming operators, according to the annual Asia Risk Assessment report released by Steve Vickers and Associates

Macau | City passport 32nd most powerful in global index

The Macau SAR passport went up one place to 32nd in the most recent 2019 Henley Passport Index in terms of visa-free access, with Hong Kong falling to in 19th but with Mainland China going up to 69th

Macau | Corrected: Michael Hotung takes legal action against STDM and members of Ho family – Media

Michael Hotung, the son of the late Winnie Ho, has taken legal action against SJM Holdings and members of the Ho family to claim dividends owed to his mother amounting to HK$2 billion

MBtv: Paragliding popularity soars as Hong Kongers seek urban release

Hong Kong is renowned for its skyscrapers and dense housing blocks but the steep mountains that crown the southern Chinese city offer a wealth of outdoor opportunities including paragliding. The sport is catching on, giving people a chance to escape the dense urban sprawl below.

Thousands march in Hong Kong against China “repression” after grim 2018

Thousands of demonstrators marched in Hong Kong on Tuesday to demand full democracy, fundamental rights, and even independence from China in the face of what many see as a marked clampdown by the Communist Party on local freedoms.

Macau | Deputy director of Beijing’s HK and Macau Affairs Office steps down – Media

The Deputy Director of Beijing's Macau and Hong Kong Affairs Office, Feng Wei, 61, has stepped down a year later than he was previously scheduled to retire

Foundations of the 4th bridge | 30 doubts for 2019

Concerned that the three bridges currently connecting Macau to Taipa have been overloaded for a long time, and that the opening of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge (HZMB) will bring about “a substantial increase in road traffic pressure on existing links, resulting in a worsening transit situation between the Peninsula of Macau and the islands,” Deputy Lei Chan U recently asked the government if the fourth Macau-Taipa bridge would be ready by 2020.
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