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Bank of China (Macau) Limited to be born on November 21

ersonal customers will be served by the new Bank of China (Macau) Limited while corporate...





Special Report – 2021: The ‘good’ pandemic

After losses in 2018 and 2020, profits came to the insurance sector in 2021. Explanation:...













Special Report – “The mental health problem has become much more severe among Chinese...

Chinese millennials “are more able to be individualistic and more likely to uphold their individual...

Special Report – Alcohol, the main problem

But depression and student suicide also warrant attention from authorities

Special Report – Job + frustration = tangping

Millennials are frustrated with their jobs in big companies, but the big companies, too, have...





The Portuguese (still) in Macau: “a community in reconstruction” – study

The role of the Portuguese community in Macau, as analysed by the way...

Special Report – “Involution” (for losers)

“The irrational competition created by university students to strive for high-quality job resources has caused...

Special Report – Taobao, their “favourite leisure activity”

Online shopping has become a national pastime among millennials in China

Special Report – “Everything but gambling”

And when they do gamble, they spend less money or want games very different from...

Special Report – Traveling, an essential part of their lifestyle

“Winning the hearts of Chinese millennial tourists is a critical focus of integrated resort businesses,”...