Macau | Inexperience caused delays and overbudgeting of the construction for LRT – Office for Transport Infrastructure

Macau (MNA) – Following the criticism made by the Commission of Audit (CA), the Office for Transport Infrastructure (GIT) indicated in a notice on Friday that the delays and overbudgeting of constructing the Light Rail Transit (LRT) was due to the lack of experience in related infrastructure construction in Macau.

The GIT claimed that it has faced challenges and difficulties over the years since LRT construction is a new attempt in the city, regardless of technicalities, budgeting, management, supervision as well as legal related matters.

The Office reiterated that it will strive to have the LRT Taipa route operated in 2019, at the same time the Office continues to review and improve content of future construction contracts in order to better overseeing the progress of projects.

In regards to budgeting, the Office argued that it is not suitable to lay out the budget for other routes – Seac Pai Van route and the route connecting Taipa and Barra – given that the plans as well as the timetables for those routes are still unconfirmed.

While reassuring that the budget proposed in 2016 – MOP11 billion (US$1.36 billion) – for Taipa route remains, GIT indicated that the budget and construction timetable for the two aforementioned routes will soon be announced.